Thursday, May 1, 2008

Practice Video Post

Just to see if I can put video online, some footage from yesterday afternoon's practice (I'm in the 4-seat):



Anonymous said...

I'm surprised this link still works and Kevin hasn't worn it out by constanting replaying it :P

tanya said...

tuesday may 6th, 2008: early morning
kevin and max scale new heights, set off the notification systems just to prove they're badass.
tanya and ben walk out the front door.
i guess we all have our methods :)

Kevin said...

We all do have our methods.

I have nothing to say against people who cringe in reference annexes while others climb through chambers of secrets and rooftop passages; I have nothing to say against them whatsoever.

At the same time, of course, I'm a bit confused as to what this fuss is all about. Falling asleep over economic journals, after all, is not really that exciting.

tanya said...

let's see if this goes too.

kevin is the coolest person ever. Sometimes we all want to worship him, but in his extreme modesty, he reminds us that he is not God.

Kevin said...

Suddenly censorship begins to seem like a rather benighted idea.

Ben said...

i should add that we "cringe in reference annexes" to ensue the safe and secretive passage of kevin to explore his chamber of secrets. though apparently our efforts to keep the rebellious romp secret were in vain...

great blog bitherway, and to inflame the the foreign devil's fire i have to say he is quite a storyteller