Monday, August 11, 2008

At the Games, I

On Sunday I went to the rowing races at Shunyi, I got there a bit late but I saw more or less all of the quad races. The picture at left is of China beating England by a fairly comfortable margin.

Apart from the races with China in them, the only thing that got the mostly Chinese audience excited was the appearance of the Fuwa, who are really unavoidable these days.

The Chinese would have enjoyed the last race on the schedule, in which America and China were to face off in the eights, but unfortunately the races were canceled due to a thunderstorm. It was some consolation to watch the Chinese basketball team lose to the US later yesterday night, but I would still have liked to see some eights races.


DevilDogDad said...

Read the Chinese? I had to look up sublunary.

Kevin said...

For medieval philosophers, the heavens are the realm of perfection, where the celestial bodies move harmoniously in their eternal spheres, under the providential direction of the Primum Mobile. The moon, however, is imperfect and changing, and its influence is to blame for the life of flux and uncertainty we life on earth. Sublunary, then, means not only "within the orbit of the moon," but also "subject to the laws of chance," or as we prefer to say on the Foreign Devil, "Heraclitean."

We do China, we do poetry, we do medieval philosophy-----welcome to the Foreign Devil.