Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Virtual Tour of Narnia

Suite I43/44 of Pierson College early acquired the nickname of "Narnia," and not simply because it's a place of magic and wonder. While the bedrooms here are comfortably large, my roommate Mr. al-Yemeni decided to make some space by placing his wardrobe in the hall. But lest you fear, like the security personnel here at Pierson do, that such an arrangement might block off a fire "egress" (for some reason official Yale refuses to say "exit"), know that the back of the wardrobe was ingeniously disassembled, creating behind it a sort of "walk-in closet" that opens onto the fire stair that most friends of ours use to enter the suite. Once this was put into place, the suite's moniker was more or less inevitable.

Within the suite, I was lucky enough to get a truly phenomenal single room, which is a bit larger than it looks in these pictures and every bit as pleasant. The fireplace is a nice touch, and it seems to be the hallmark of a luxurious Yale room, but the rule on not lighting fireplaces is unfortunately one that they actually enforce here. I'm taking a course on architecture this semester, and as I do my course reading in this room I'm confronted with a fine example of how architecture can really construct a place absolutely suited for human dwelling.

The common room is small, but thanks to the presence of a wii and fine decor (for both of which Dr. Manutius deserves due thanks), it's become a fairly popular place. At right is a fairly typical scene at home, with Herr Goer and the Demoniac, some of the many Yalies who seem to spend more time here than they do at home, going at it on the wii while I subject myself to the Yale Daily News. The Russian Peasant also is nearly always present here in Narnia, but today she's gone off to some swing state or other to spread the true gospel of Obama, and has to miss out on this long and slow and wonderful Saturday afternoon at Yale. 

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