Friday, October 30, 2009

In der Wunderkammer Belauscht

[The FOREIGN DEVIL is sitting in his "office chair" with a book and a bourbon, underlining passages with a ruler in that obsessive way of his, and cursing under his breath when he leaves an unwanted blot of ink. HERR GOER enters with his laptop.]

HG: What are you doing?

FD: I'm reading a book.

HG (in his most pretentious voice): "I'm reading a book." What's the book?

(The FD lifts the book so the title can be read.)

HG: "The Beauty of the Infinity" ... What's that, mathematical philosophy?

FD: No, more like antiquarian theology.

HG: Because, you know, there are some philosophy books that deal with infinity as a mathematical concept.

FD: I know, but this-- is not one of those books.

HG: You know, in math sometimes when you get infinity, you can also say-- like when the limit is infinity, you can also say, "It doesn't exist."

FD: Okay.

HG: So does that mean God doesn't exist?

FD: No, it means Christianity is pretty shocking.

HG: ...

FD: It means Christianity looks things like that in the face, and admits them, and then says, "Nevertheless..."

HG: Oh. Well, good night.

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Leah said...

Just commenting to say that this is amazing. I don't know whether I'm more appalled by HG's understanding of Christianity or mathematics