Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Yalies may recognize the title of this post from the sign that always stands outside Gourmet Heaven, announcing that haircuts can be had on the second floor. I went and got my hair cut across the street from my dorm today. I cut it short enough that it doesn't curl; I've gotten sick of Chinese people rubbing it, and when a cabbie asked me what sort of product I used to curl it, it was really the last straw.

Now all this wouldn't be grounds for a blog post, except that a professor from the university showed up and took pictures of me before and after the haircut. Apparently a forthcoming Chinese textbook includes a dialogue at a barbershop, and for a textbook designed for foreigners, it seems that only pictures of laowai would do. So in the future, students learning Chinese may get to see my lovely head of halfway-cut hair on the pages of their textbooks.

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